Caravan Security Wheel Clamps | Low Prices on Best Sellers

Security wheel clamps for caravans are an effective deterrent and especially useful if no tie-down point is a available.

Trailers get stolen all the time. Trucks, especially Ford trucks get stolen all the time with trailers attached (something about the lock mechanisms on Fords). Bikes from the Cannonball in a trailer and their truck were stolen from a motel parking lot last year during the race. LoJack or other security system that’s got a cellular location device built in are a good bet.

Make sure where you park you back the trailer into a wall/pole so that they cannot open the trailer. As well as security wheel clamps use a big chain through the wheels, throw a tarp over them too. Also parking in a well lit spot and possibly near cameras is a very good option.

And remember out of sight, out of mind!

Caravan Security Wheel Clamps are easy and quick to fit, if you need any help give us a call.

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